Automatic system for the design and preparation of nuts installation


Co-financed by the European Union and Greek national funds

The current situation regarding the subject of the project

The cultivation of trees is a perennial crop, therefore the changes that will be decided to be made to the tree after its installation are very difficult and above all economically unprofitable. For this reason the producer should be very careful during the installation process. Errors and omissions may persist throughout the years of the productive life of the trees, resulting in a reduced quality and quantity of production on the one hand, and an increase in production costs due to additional costs on the other. Today the establishment of a new tree is done by measurements in the field mainly by the grower himself in an empirical way.

It is known that in order to determine the planting arrangement, characteristics related to the crop, soil fertility and topographical parameters should be taken into account. ARCADIAN aims to implement a precise new orchard planning system.

The innovation

ARCADIAN includes both commercial and original research data. More in detail the system manages to effectively and successfully combine any commercial drone and weather station with an innovative information system for planning and preparing the installation of acrotrees, which uses special algorithms to optimize the tree planting arrangement. The system enables the user by entering agronomic, geomorphological, soil and climate data to choose the optimal arrangement of the tree, while there is also the possibility of presenting alternative planting arrangements in a minimum of time and with zero planning costs.

It goes without saying that all these innovative features of the system take the tree establishment process to a different level than the traditional way of planning in the field by giving the grower/farmer a useful and accurate tool with which to save time and money when installing the new trees.

Agricultural European Innovation Partnership (EIP-AGRI)


The objective of Measure 16 is to strengthen the culture of cooperation between the involved bodies with the aim of:

  • strengthening the competitiveness of businesses in primary production (agricultural holdings) in the food sector, mainly local products but also as well as
  • the search for new cultivation practices and production practices that contribute to the protection of the environment but also to adaptation to climate change.

Through the partnerships that will be developed, the opportunity will be given to utilize new technologies and innovative processes for:

  • the production of safer and healthier food.
  • the reduction of water consumption and in general the cost of inputs for economic and environmental benefit
  • ensuring the uniqueness of certified agricultural products